Introduction to Serverless

I watched Serverless Architectures by Mike Roberts and I think it is a nice introduction to the state of serverless in 2017.

I recommend this to anyone that want a light introduction to the subject.

I think that serverless will rise in popularity in the coming years so it is well worth to get familiar with the subject.

Cloud services are the operating systems of the future and functions as a service (FaaS) will be a big part of how our code will run.

It will be beneficial to use functional programming in your designs today as those will be the easiest to move to FaaS tomorrow. FP will help you keep your functions pure and push state to the edges, state that then easily can be stored in your cloud providers database.

The benefits will be great since we need to care less about accidental complexities of deployment and can spend more time on the business problem at hand. This will also align with the first principle of fast feedback since the time from code to production will be shorter.

Serverless is still new and there are challenges that need more work. For example testing your functions locally is straight forward but integration testing is a challenge since the parts are composed of other cloud services. But I have no doubt that these challenges will be solved and the tooling improved in the near future.

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