Hi I’m Stefan Karlsson, the founder of Quality Developer.

With Quality Developer I want to inspire software professionals to build high quality systems so that we as a society can rely on and enjoy our software systems.

Software is eating the world. Our modern society depends on software. Without software there would not be water in your tap, electricity in your house or food in our stores. All our infrastructure and most of our interactions depends on software intensive systems. With this in mind we need software developers that take quality seriously and that take pride in delivering quality. In other words we need software professionals that are quality developers.

To be a quality developer I believe that good programming skills is just the beginning. Therefor I try to teach and highlight a variety of topics such as testing practices, computing history, and principles of development.

Quality is also about the soft skills such as learning to communicate with other developers, stakeholders and customers. The understanding of a customers needs and domain is a prerequisite to delivering quality, and to reach such an understanding good communication is a must.

I hope that you will find these resources useful and that they will help you on your path to a quality mindset.

About Stefan

Stefan has been enjoying the company of computers for 30 years. He has a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Computer Engineering and has been working as a Software Engineer for more than a decade primarily in the automation industry.

Producing quality has been a goal during his career. This has given him expertise in test automation, continuous learning and other quality practices.

Currently Stefan is working on a Ph.D. in the area of software testing.